Q3 Announces Eclectic New Album 'Water Speckled Midnight'

Q3, a Cambridge-based jazz quartet, recently unveiled their much-awaited third album, "Water Speckled Midnight," which is a follow-up to their critically lauded 2019 release, "The Monkey Puzzle Tree." This latest release includes ten original works by pianist Martin Hallmark, which showcase an eclectic combination of jazz with Latin, funk, Arabic, and Mediterranean elements.

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"Water Speckled Midnight" is a masterpiece, mixing whimsical melodies with a tremendously listenable sound. The album features an excellent lineup with standout solos. Kevin Flanagan on tenor saxophone creates great moments with a beautiful tone, remaining at the top of his game. Tiago Coimbra, one of the UK's best electric bassists, plays solos with North African, flamenco, and funk influences. Martin Hallmark's piano solos are masterfully composed, intermingled with Corea-esque lines, while drummer Oscar Reynolds anchors the album gently, allowing the music's flow to shine through.

Q3, created in 2013, has an extensive discography, having released three albums: "Spider Dance" (2014), "The Monkey Puzzle Tree" (2019), and now "Water Speckled Midnight" (2024). This album, recorded at the Alpheton New Maltings studio in Suffolk, which recently hosted Brad Mehldau, is expected to greatly impact the jazz world.

Kevin Flanagan, a saxophone player from the United States, has been a key presence in the UK jazz scene since the 1980s, having recorded with Pink Floyd, the Sex Pistols, Portishead, and Led Zeppelin. Tiago Coimbra, a renowned jazz electric bassist, has collaborated with international piano sensation Hiromi and jazz-funk band Resolution 88. Pianist Martin Hallmark founded Q3 in 2013, motivated by his studies with Chick Corea, and has written most of the band's recordings. Oscar Reynolds, a drummer based in Cambridge and London, plays with a variety of groups in jazz, funk, soul, and blues.

<img src="Q3 Announces Eclectic New Album 'Water Speckled Midnight">

"Water Speckled Midnight" demonstrates Q3's ability to combine several musical influences into a unified and compelling jazz experience. This album is a must-listen for jazz fans and represents another key milestone in Q3's creative evolution.

Stream "Water Speckled Midnight" today on your favorite music platform and experience the progression of a very brilliant musician.

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