MILD HORSES Reveals Mesmerising Single 'Eye Of The Behemoth'

MILD HORSES, London's latest project from seasoned musician Matthew Leuw, has released their new track, "Eye Of The Behemoth." Leuw adds a wealth of experience and a fresh sound to MILD HORSES, having previously worked with Norwich noise-poppers Crest, Brighton's art-punk outfit Coin-op, and the lo-fi electro-pop pair 2 Hot 2 Sweat. This experimental electronic outfit is swiftly building a reputation for itself with a distinct blend of genres that includes dream pop, funk, avant-garde, and psychedelic elements.

"Eye Of The Behemoth" is a compelling piece demonstrating MILD HORSES' unique approach to music. The song combines dreamy electronic melodies with funky rhythms and avant-garde components, resulting in an exotic soundtrack that is simultaneously captivating and thrilling. The ethereal vocals and sophisticated orchestration convey fans on a mesmerizing trip, making "Eye Of The Behemoth" a notable song in the innovative music genre.

The tune delves into topics of perception and actuality, encouraging fans to perceive the world through a new lens. Its sumptuous production and deep ambiance make it ideal for electronic music fans and more experimental, psychedelic sounds. The music demonstrates Leuw's capacity to reinvent himself and extend past the limitations of genre and style.

MILD HORSES "Eye Of The Behemoth" secures their status in the UK music scene. Matthew Leuw's talent for creating captivating and genre-defying music is evident in this newest CD, indicating that MILD HORSES has a bright future.

As the band continues to explore new sonic frontiers, "Eye Of The Behemoth" establishes a high standard and leaves fans wanting to see what happens next.

Stream "Eye Of The Behemoth" today on your favorite music platform and experience the progression of a very brilliant musician.

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