Mighty Joshua Empowers with 'Dreaducation' - A Reggae Mission of Equality and Social Consciousness

Mighty Joshua, a renowned composer and percussionist, is poised to grab our hearts and minds with his latest album, "Dreaducation." This exciting project, rooted in reggae, pop, ska, dub, and roots music, sends an authoritative message of empowerment, unity, and social consciousness.

"Dreaducation" demonstrates Mighty Joshua's dedication to using music as a tool for positive change. With its upbeat anthems and soul-stirring ballads, the 14-track album offers to take listeners on a journey through contemporary reggae, creating an array of sounds that will appeal to audiences from different walks of life.

Working together with a brilliant group of performers, such as iconic jazz saxophonist Plunky Branch, renowned reggae guitarist Ras Mel, and former KDTU guitarist DJ Williams, are among the album's highlights. Grammy-nominated artists include Original Wailers guitarist Junior Marvin, guitarist Javo Grant Bassat, and pianist Desi Hyson, who bring richness and dimension to the music.

"Dreaducation" is not just an album; it is a revolution. Mighty Joshua's captivating rhythms and inspiring lyrics urge listeners to embark on a journey of learning about oneself and civic emancipation. As the globe faces social and political issues, "Dreaducation" serves as a reminder of music's capacity to inspire transformation and bring people together.

Stream "Dreaducation" today on your favorite music platform and experience the progression of a very brilliant musician.

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