Joel Sal's "Out of the Box" album is a genre-bending journey through rock.

Italian rocker Joel Sal has released his much-awaited album "Out of the Box," a self-produced masterpiece from Milan that collects singles from the previous six years and includes new, unreleased material. This album spans a decade of spontaneous and creative composition and represents Joel Sal's transition from hard rock and prog rock to a more fluid and eclectic alternative rock style.

"Out of the Box" defies genre classification, drawing on various influences such as hard rock, progressive rock, indie pop, metal, and swing. With influences ranging from Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam to Jeff Buckley and Stevie Wonder, Joel Sal's album exemplifies his diversity and creative drive. The result is a vibrant collection of songs that feel like a musical stream of thought.

Joel Sal, born Giorgio Salati, started his musical career in Milan, playing in local rock bands until joining the hard rock trio KickStart in 1999. Over the years, he has cooperated with prominent musicians and bands, contributing to the progressive rock movement and performing alongside icons such as David Jackson of Van Der Graaf Generator.

The album includes talented artists including Luca Cristofaro on bass, Ares Cabrini on drums, Angelo Racz on keyboards, and Niccolò Polimeno on lead guitar. Ettore Salati, Alex Carpani, and David Jackson all make guest appearances.

The subjects discussed in "Out of the Box" vary from personal reflections to larger societal challenges. Tracks such as "No Lies" address the realities of war, while "What I Leave" pays tribute to anti-Mafia judge Giovanni Falcone. The latest single, "Careful What You Dream," captures the album's mix of visionary and magmatic soundscapes, encouraging listeners to pursue their ambitions.

"Out of the Box" is now available on all major streaming platforms. Dive into this varied and transformational musical journey and witness Joel Sal's artistic creativity.

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