JoBee Project Releases New Album "The Beginning"

London, UK - JoBee Project, a Polish-Belgian artist, is poised to release her highly awaited new album, The Beginning. This latest endeavor is a return to her beginnings, combining tender mournful vocals with powerful bass electronic music production influenced by Solemn Eye.

JoBee, recognized for her strong, fiery, and flavorful manner, penned and wrote all of the songs in Belgium, demonstrating her flexibility and no-nonsense approach. The Beginning is another chapter in her dynamic career, following the success of her previous three albums.

JoBee, who was born in Lubartow, Poland, started her musical career as the leader of a punk band influenced by Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, and legendary Polish jazz and pop-rock artists. Her career took a big turn in 2008, when she was invited to sing live on FM Brussels, resulting in international exposure and a great career in Belgium.

Her debut jazz album, The Falling, was published in 2011 on the Laid Back Label, followed by international tours and festival honors in Poland. JoBee's second album, published in 2016 by Polish label Agora, cemented her name with additional concerts, festivals, and television appearances.

The Beginning intends to highlight JoBee's raw talent and tremendous enthusiasm, both on stage and off.

In addition to her singing career, JoBee does a weekly live radio show for What is Hip Radio in Brussels, which promotes young Polish artists overseas. She is also the creator and director of Sing With JoBee Music Academy, where she trains voice talent.

Fans of dream pop, electronic pop, and experimental electronic music will not want to miss JoBee Project's fascinating new album. The Beginning is expected to fascinate listeners with its distinct blend of sounds and powerful voices. Prepare to see the most recent work from this amazing artist.

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