Dave McKendry Releases The Fascinating New Single "Drugs"

Dave McKendry, an Irish singer-songwriter based in Vienna, has released his latest single, "Drugs," a mesmerizing indie-folk piece that promises to grab fans from the first note. Dave, known for his raw and emotional voice, combines acoustic melodies with unexpected psychedelic edits to create a distinct atmosphere, culminating in a thrilling conclusion."Drugs" is not just a song; it is a trip. The song takes listeners on a psychedelic, emotional journey of love and desire, with profound lyrics that touch deeply. Dave's soulful voice and passionate delivery make the song powerful and moving, immersing listeners into his world.

Dave McKendry's path from busking on the streets of Ireland to becoming a recording artist in Vienna adds an intriguing story to his music. 

His deep and real sound reflects his experiences and evolution as an artist. "Drugs" exemplifies this growth, providing a new spin on the indie-folk genre with its original blend of acoustic and psychedelic influences.

This track stands out in today's music scene for its distinctive composition and the emotional impact it elicits. Dave McKendry's "Drugs" is a must-listen for indie-folk lovers and anyone seeking heartfelt music.

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