Bones In Butter Releases "Cosmopolis" Album: A Psychedelic Journey Through Dream Pop and Post-Punk

Bones In Butter, from Belgrade, has released their latest album, "Cosmopolis," a thrilling journey through a psychedelic atmosphere that promises to freshen your musical palette. With dreamy guitar vibes and post-punk overtones, the record draws inspiration from classic '70s and '80s bands like Lou Reed, the Stranglers, and the Electric Light Orchestra while creating a distinct and current sound.

Milutin Krasevic's solo project, Bones In Butter, launched in 2019. During the lockdown, it grew into a full band with talented musicians from Belgrade's indie and jazz scenes, including Krasevic on vocals, synths, and samples, Luna Skopelja on vocals, Todor Zivkovic on guitars, Dejan Skopelja on bass, and a rotating lineup of skilled drummers such as Marko Milivojevic and Tom Fedja Franklin.

"Cosmopolis" was recorded, mixed, and processed by Srdjan Popov and Milivojevic at HillRiver Studio in Belgrade, and it represents a collaborative production effort by all band members. The album's tracks explore various themes, providing listeners with a rich tapestry of emotions and narratives.

Highlights include "YOU JUST DROWNED," an indictment of human arrogance and selfishness, and "DUMPED," which explores the anguish of a shattered relationship. "SKUNKS!" tackles opportunism and immorality, but "THEY ALL SHINE FOR YOU" is a passionate love song dedicated to Krasevic's wife. The title track, "GOING TO COSMOPOLIS," explores societal decadence and the edge of extinction.

"Cosmopolis" by Bones In Butter is a must-listen for dream pop and post-punk fans who want to hear something new and original. This album demonstrates the band's ability to make music that is both contemplative and forward-thinking, providing a sound vacation from the everyday. Dive into "Cosmopolis" to discover the fascinating and strange world of Bones In Butter. 

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