9 0’clock Nasty Drops Exciting New Single "Hot Disco Shit"

9 o'clock is a diverse and innovative band. Nasty returns with their latest single, "Hot Disco Shit," a potent mix of alt-rock pop, art pop, punk, alternative pop, and art rock. The Leicester, UK band asks listeners to tug on skin-tight clothing, punch through the veil, and break through to the other side with this lively single.

"Hot Disco Shit" is more than a song; it's an experience. It advocates complete surrender, encouraging fans to ring the bell, board the funky train, and feel the love while exclusively partying with trusted friends. This music is intended to serve as a soundtrack for excitement, terror, anguish, and love—intensified when the world appears to be falling apart.

The music evokes the nostalgic sensations of disco, a genre that is both safe and perilous, expressing the gut-wrenching fear of AIDS and twisted sexual desires, all grinding further into the floor with each drum kick. It's a plea to look your best, dress like it's your final night on Earth, and cry to the music.

"Hot Disco Shit" recounts nights lost at heaven's gates, pleasure and laughter cut short by a doorman's sharp admonition and the judgment of footwear. It's a song about the tight relationship between sex and death, conveyed in a crystalline yet tough-as-steel musical format.

Disco is the purest musical form. Crystalline and fragile, but as unyielding as steel. "This song left us bruised and broken," recalls Ted Pepper from 9 O'clock Nasty.

"We'd like to dedicate this song to the security team at Vice Versa nightclub in Loughborough, UK. Stopping me from entering into that doomed, humid, awful night saved my life," says Pete Brock of 9 o'clock Nasty.

Experience "Hot Disco Shit" now, and let 9 o'clock Nasty take you on a wild, nostalgic journey through the highs and lows of disco nights. This tune requires your full attention, movement, and deepest feelings. Available across all major streaming platforms.

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